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Brandon writes:
Absolute wisdom, IMO
The Demon-Haunted World is life from Sagan's, well-knowledge, perspective. It is absolute wisdom, in my opinion. Sagan explains to the reader why we think, see and hear things that are of mystery. The book is not really about UFO's or aliens. Those are just references to the mysteries of our current time (Chapter 7; The Demon-Haunted World). Sagan outlines science vs pseudo-science. Demon-Haunted World is the most serious read I've ever encountered. I've related to Sagan's perspective, well before I even knew of him, and I just happen to find this book.

My general understanding of the book: Everything is about the questions, the evidence or lack thereof, and the answers. How I look at it is that knowledge and wisdom is from the practice of the ''scientific method''. No question is wrong until it has been proven law, using the scientific method. Embrace and enjoy the mysteries of life.
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