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Hierax writes:
''good reading for serious people''?
''While The Demon-Haunted World is a good reading for serious people, few of the reckless ?new-agers? will take it seriously.''

But is the reverse true? I mean, if I don´t take it seriously, am I a ''reckless ''new-ager''''? Because it´s very hard to me to take seriously this kind of apocalyptical discourse - astrologers/homeopaths/acupuncturists/religious people & non-materialists of all kinds will destroy civilization and usher the world in a new dark age, a ''world haunted by demons''. This is not science, it is ideology.
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Tal Cohen writes in reply to Hierax:
''good reading for serious people''?
It isn't a prophecy book; it outlines a risk, which I believe to be very real.
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