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Marissa writes:
Simple Question
I have a question: where did our intellect come from? One who assumes the evolutionary views would be unable to answer this question clearly. But, how did our consciences evolve? And, most importantly, what separates man from animals? Nothing? Why, then, do we shudder at the thought of a person being eaten by a shark, when we go about eating animals all the time? The question that the evolutionists can never answer is: How did LIFE come about? Even if humans are highly evolved apes, that does not answer the age-old question that has baffled pagans for millennia. How then, can a reasonable person begin to propose that computers will begin evolving consciousness if that same person can not even remotely account for their own? Just think, why haven't computers (or anything else) evolved by themselves before now? I understand that they have changed, one could say evolved, since the first of them was invented, but it has come about through humans. And if humans are necessary to the ''evolution'' of any tangible thing, then it begs the question, what conscious being(s) caused the human race to evolve or exist? That is what I would like to know.
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Tal Cohen writes in reply to Marissa:
Simple Question
Of course people can account for their own intelligence and consciousness; indeed, computer science research has given us many insights into this matter. The first step for doing so, however, is letting go of religious nonsense.
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