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opposite effect
I see where you are coming from, but I think the reason you couldn't ''make sense'' of Malacandra's morals is because human beings are born without goodness, a fact Lewis knew quite well. The main reason Lewis's reasoning seems to you flawed is the fact that you made your decision about his beliefs before you even read the back cover. No amount of reasoning would change your opinion. I say this in the utmost respect; it is, in truth, human nature. For example, if I were to prove the existence of God using pure logic and reason, would you permit His existence? Of course not. It takes God Himself to change your mind.

Also, blind faith is not a virtue in and of itself. Everyone puts their faith in something, whether it be a religion (mind you, Christianity is not a religion), or themselves, or whatever they believe in. We were created to trust and worship something. The question of eternal importance is what. R.C. Sproul proves that Christianity is logical in his book, Defending Your Faith. I challenge you to read more of Lewis or Sproul (I could recommend Mere Christianity) and look at their arguments from a completely abstracted point of view.

Finally, the book, whether or not Lewis intended, does not make you feel guilty for what you are, but rather for not being what you were created to be.
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sorry, my name's Marissa.
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