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NathanSepllman writes in reply to Stive Claples:
opposite effect
Actually, I do not think Lewis to be trying on convincing anyone of gilt (that's the devil's work).
However, there's something I think you should consider about faith. If you read the previous posts, you may notice everyone speaking of different beliefs. As if they actually believed something. You can only through faith believe on the nonexistence of deities for there is no way to prove it true or false.
Either you believe in order or chaos, you may find your self realizing that it is only faith -at the very end-, which sustains it.
IMAO, atheists are too proud to think themselves as a part of an organized system and end up making gods of themselves to fight this.
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(anonymous) writes in reply to NathanSepllman:
opposite effect
That was put very well. I had never actually thought about belief systems that way, even though I have been a Christian all of my life.
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