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Ittai Klein writes:

''... would rather be born with no inheritance than not be born at all'', fails on a more basic level than the one mentioned in your review.
The reasoning is as follows:
The construct ... XXX would rather AAA than BBB ? predicates the existence of a volitive entity XXX that is in a position to make the choice between AAA and BBB. But if either AAA or BBB preclude, a priory, the existence of the entity XXX, then the basic premise for the construct is nonexistent and thus the construct cannot be used in any logical sense.

(Did I miss anything?)
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Tal Cohen writes in reply to Ittai Klein:
Many more fallacies to it
No, I don't think you've missed anything. There are even more fallacies in there; for example, even if those unborn really do prefer X over Y, does this imply X really is better (in a moral sense) than Y? What makes these unborn children perfect moral judges?
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