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a former student of DRH writes:
narcissism and self-reference
I recognize that I have a choice in analyzing your review between making observations upon DRH, upon the interview questions, the answers thereof, or the new book.

Let me say this: twenty years ago all of the same indications in his personality (about his viewpoint's supremacy above all others) were present.

Now, that sounds a bit mean. And in truth it is meant to be a little bit, but there is important truth underneath: Where _does_ the study of one's self and the workings of one's own intelligence (and thus AI for those of us who are not anatomists pursuing the wetware as opposed to the 'software') end and the hubris of narcissism begin?

As a na?ve student I merely assumed, along with many of the professors in the department, that DRH's ego was the size of a small planet and that it was his way or else. But stepping back (through the use of time and growing up a bit, myself) and ignoring his comments herein about science fiction and computer scientists, I see that he really was studying himself.

My observation at the time was that he not trying so much to create AI, but rather create something (copycat) that emulated himself. I just didn't understand the full extent of the problem as most of us did not, nor the impossibility of either solution.

So let me apologize for being mean. I think he was doing his very best to tackle an immensely difficult subject and field and laid some important groundwork.

It doesn't really matter if I liked him or not. And I'm sure the feelings were mutual, assuming he even has the slightest clue who I was.


As you were the interviewer, let me ask you a question back: Did he insist upon editing this review so that the commas and other punctuation were all in the proper position?

*I thought so.*
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Tal Cohen writes in reply to a former student of DRH:
narcissism and self-reference
I'll only comment on your postscript: no, he never did.
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a former student of DRH writes in reply to Tal Cohen:
narcissism and self-reference
Wow. He has changed.

Yeah. I was wrong about him.
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Nobody who stumbled upon this writes in reply to a former student of DRH:
narcissism and self-reference
Yes, I am sure in the few years his personality completely reversed itself and it just *seems* like he is still a self involved prick.

That question hit it right on the mark, about him wanting to let his soul survive by injecting his personality into different mediums, even if he denied it.
And even tho he denied it, he is very much like kurzweil in wanting to live forever just like him.

I like how he ended it by cherry picking his verse and comparing it to the other guys. Shameless.
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