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Ittai Klein writes:
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You may want to note ג™× that in addition to references to music, more specifically to the structure of various musical forms (notably canons and fugues), the book as a whole is structured as a musical piece, a fact that may not be apparent from the onset. But if you read very attentively, by the time you reach the last page, some inexorable force compels you to turn to the first page - there to see, that which you may have missed in the beginning, but now makes the masterpiece complete ג€“ with the same feeling of resolution and satisfaction you are bound to feel at the coda of a masterful rendition of a great musical piece.

Yes indeed, this masterpiece easily can become a turning point in ones' life.
This book is so unique, that when people ask me in what way is this book similar or reminiscent of some other book? I am compelled to say: It is has words, numbers and figures, printed on paper, all set in a binding ג€“ and there the similarity ends.
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