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Sam Scoville writes:
So, what is the new Preface saying?
I've just started rereading my original edition,
maybe for the 3rd time. Planning a group independent
study initiated by a student.

You review gives me no clue as to what Hofstadter
says in his new preface. Is it on-line (the preface)
or do I have to buy the new edition?

I get the sense I'm asymptotically approaching
an answer to the answer to the riddle of the
Sphinx when I read this book.

I don't know anything like it.

Gregory Bateson's works are LIKE-minded, for me.

Sam Scoville
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Tal Cohen writes in reply to Sam Scoville:
So, what is the new Preface saying?
Hello Sam,

I don't think the new preface is available online. Perhaps you can read it, or parts of it, with Amazon's preview service (''search inside'') or with similar online services; not sure.

I think, however, that my review does give a rather bold clue to what Hofstadter says in the new preface; re-read the paragraph that begins with the words ''In a word''. In particular, the new preface clarifies what the book is about, and (as I say in the review above), ''GEB is a serious book presenting a serious theory about consciousness''.
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