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Borland Pascal with Objects 7.0: Language Guide
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(Borland International, 1992)

Check the index:
recursive loop     See recursive loop
I realize this is certainly not the first time this joke appears in print. Can anyone find older references?

Update: According to John Cowan, this joke probably appeared in print for the first time in 1983, with the publication of The Hacker's Dictionary by Guy L. Steele et al. There being no version control of the corresponding on-line JARGON.TXT file before 1990, the entry could have been placed in it any time between 1975 and 1982.

In The Hacker's Dictionary, BTW, the entry is recursion, not recursive loop. In the current version (4.2.3) of JARGON.TXT, we find:
recursion n.     See recursion. See also tail recursion.

tail recursion n.     If you aren't sick of it already, see tail recursion.

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