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Ittai Klein writes:
injoke - recursion
For early references to recursion injokes, I have this for you;
During the latter part of the 70ג€™s and early 80ג€™s (well before the ג€œג€¦1983 publication of The Hacker's Dictionary by Guy L. Steele et al.ג€) there was a spate of mid-size computers that came out on the market; these went by various terms such as ג€œmini-computerג€, ג€œsuperminiן·“computerג€, ג€œworkstationג€ etc. In addition to the well-known VAX from the ג€œDigital Electronics Companyג€ (DEC), there were Data-General, Celerity, Prime computers and a bevy of others. During that time I worked with ג€œPrimeג€ whose operating system was named (guess what) ג€œPRIMOSג€ ג€“ surprise. Anyway in the index of the users manual there was this:

Circular Reference see Recursion

And on another page

Recursion see Circular Reference

(This may be edited for length and accuracy of details)
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