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tj writes:

The last question in the book is:

''Western classical music! Beethoven's Piano Sonata number 29, opus 106, also know as the Hammerklavier Sonata, is in which key? Is it in (a) B-flat major, (b) G minor, (c) E-flat major, or (d) C minor?''

The ''hint'' to answer this question is:

''I said I can't tell you the answer, but there's nothing in my contract which prevents me from dropping a hint. Now listen carefully. I am going to the railway station immediately after this show, and I am going to board a train. I have been invited to visit four friends, in Allahabad, Baroda, Cochin, and Delhi, but I can visit only one of them,. So I have decided to got to Allahabad, to wash off all my sins by taking a dip in the Sangam. Okay?''

How does this hint help answer the question?
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Tal Cohen writes in reply to tj:
Hint for last question
The four places he can visit are Allahabad, Baroda, Cochin, and Delhi.
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anum masood writes in reply to tj:
as there are four names of the cities in India but you chose the first 1 which was allahabad so that shows that you are referring to answer a)
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