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Peter writes:
style etc of THS
Thanks to everyone above for interesting comments - a real pleasure to find this site. I found Tal's original review intelligent, well-informed and fair, even where my feelings about the text differed somewhat. Just one thought in response, to Tal's views and others - no one has mentioned Charles Williams and the effect his ideas, beliefs and literary tastes had on Lewis. Williams' novels, such as The Place of the Lion and The Greater Trumps are worth a look in this connection, I think.
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Tal Cohen writes in reply to Peter:
style etc of THS
Peter, thank you for your kind words and for the pointers. I'll make an effort to read Charles Williams' works that you mention above.
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Allison writes in reply to Peter:
style etc of THS
I completely agree. Lewis was admittedly influenced by Williams and loved his writings more than almost any other's. Williams' science fiction, as well as The Abolition of Man are key reads in fully grasping Lewis's intent with this novel, I think.
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