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Janet Aldrich writes:
That Hideous Strength
I found THS to be a nearly-prescient warning about where a rationalist, secular society is bound to wind up. It's a far stronger book, IMHO, than either of the others. I always thought OOTSP was next thing to a fairy tale, heavily influenced by H. G. Wells or Verne. It reminded me of 'First Men on the Moon', with a Christian viewpoint. Perelandra was a retelling of the events that surround the fall on earth, Venusian style with Ransom saving the day for the Lord. I liked them both, don't get me wrong, but for me, THS can be like reading the newspaper sometimes.

I've always wondered if Lewis knew anything about Scientology; the meters that are mentioned as part of Belbury sound a lot like the auditing equipment the Scientologists use. In fact, (I have a family member who was involved with the Elronners [Thanks, R. Heinlein]), a lot of it feels that way to me.
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