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Read Log, June 2019
By Tal Cohen Thursday, 04 July 2019
Completed a course on the Cnanaanite literature of the 1940s and '50s, including:

The Canaanite Group: Literature and Ideology, units 1-6, by Nurith Gertz, Rachel Weissbrod, and Rakefet Sela-Sheffy. Absolutely fascinating; however, ignoring Ratosh’s political poetry (the non-existent unit 5) does a disservice to the course’s declared goal.

The Canaanite Group: Literature and Ideology, collected writings, by Nurith Gertz and Rachel Weissbrod.

The Canaanite Group: Literature and Ideology: Reader and Student Guide, edited by Yael Dekel, Open University internal edition. Whereas the writing of Dan Laor is brilliant and enjoyable, the writing of Hannan Hever is intolerable; opaque and impenetrable, as if by design.

And also, unrelated:

Another Place, a Foreign City: A Novel in Verse, Maya Arad, following Pushkin -- and following one’s love. What a joyful book; absolutely captivating.
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