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C Traps and Pitfalls
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Andrew Koenig
(Addison Wesley, 1989)

Benjamin Levy writes:

In the index, you'll find “pitfalls, see traps” and “traps, see pitfalls.” It also has the obligatory “recursion 88, 146” on page 146 of the index.

The book is filled with practical examples of easy to make mistakes while programming in C (it's a very useful book). Some of the examples came from contributors, and in the index there are the names of the contributors and the page their example can be found, including “anonymous contributor, 22.”

Also in the index there is the entry:
mistakes, stupid     vi
Page vi in the preface has the phrase “stupid mistakes”. I assume it is coincidental, and that Koenig is not an opponent of the text editor “vi”.
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