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lee writes:
Well, sorry to continue in the vein of others,
I have to agree with previous commentators and say that this book is indeed FAR deeper than the other two- but, I'm not trying to bluster about angrily here. Of course, I don't think other commentators were, either. Anyway, most of the depth in this book is harder to find- it lies less in concrete statements than in satire. Some ideas proposed are:
1: The only way to be truly objective is to be utterly indifferent, thus, inhuman and/or dead.
2: Good and bad may not have always been as polarized as they are now- there were once more shades of grey.
3: The educated know less than they think.
Also- the call to traditional values is there, but also, sometimes it strikes me almost a call to return to the innocence of earlier days. Still, a pretty good review with limited bias on the author's part.
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