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Jacob writes:

I do not believe you can understand the full depth of this book with out being a Christian, and being one I do not even catch all the underlying themes. You could study the bibble and this book all your life, and still you would not get it til you became a Christian.
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Ryan writes in reply to Jacob:
to dear (Christian) Jacob...
I do not mean to upset you when I say that I COMPLETELY disagree with what you have said (Jacob). Though a Christian myself, I do not think that you have to believe in God to ''understand'' this book. You would probably have to be a Christian to ''agree'' with what Lewis is saying but whether you understand it has not to do with faith alone. All that being said I will also say that it is understandable that a Christian would more easily ''appreciate'' the trilogy in all its glory.

As a side note I would just like to add my own two cents about these amazing books:

Brilliant. Incredible. Mind-Blowing. Enjoyable. ETC, ETC, ETC...

C.S. Lewis is simply awesome.
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