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RF Hawthorne writes:
Comparisons of Lewis' ''Strength'' to ''Graven Image'' RF Hawthorne
Perhaps you do not get reviews from the authors themselves, this being an exception. When I first wrote ''Graven Image'', a satisfied reader directed me to CS Lewis, ''That Hideous Strength.'' For years, I remembered the recommendation but really did not pursue reading Lewis' work as I knew quite well, how original and ground breaking my novel was. I now consider that to be a mortal frailty of my own, as I've always known of the mastery in writing that Lewis possessed. Nothwithstanding, I see why the comparisons were made just as I know how extraordinary the modern day definitions will one day rock the world of current opinion, once the ancient truth about graven images are revealed. I now realize that Mr. Lewis did not know how close to reality he actually was when he said in 'THS', I quote: ''Bad men, while still in the body, still crawling on this little globe, would enter that state which, heretofore, they had entered only after death, would have the diuturnity and power of evil spirits.'' Following 14-years of research, one published novel, speaking engagements, radio and television interviews, I am more clear about how correct Mr. Lewis was than ever, at least about the power possessed through the creation of graven images, the same that are forbidden in the Ten Commandments, which so few on earth today, have any understanding of whatsover...but I fear, are about to!
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