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Read Log, January 2019
By Tal Cohen Sunday, 03 February 2019
Long ago, in a platform far, far away, I used to post my reading log on a monthly basis, in Google+. So much for that. I'll now make an effort to post my log here, on a monthly basis, since I did find the a monthly rhythm works well for me.

So, January 2019:

Economix: How and Why Our Economy Works (and Doesn't Work) in Words and Pictures by Michael Goodwin. Emphasis should be on doesn't work. The history of US economy sometimes reads like a horror story. Even more sad, the book, published in 2012, ends with an optimistic note given the “99%” movement of the time. Much good that did. (Hebrew translation by Emmanuel Lotem.)

The Practicing Stoic: A Philosophical User’s Manual by Ward Farnsworth. I didn't like the style much: more than teaching about stoicism, it was a review of the writing of stoics. A more modern presentation, less heavily reliant on quotations, would probably have been better. That said, this is a fantastic read. I’m not a stoic; but I’m practicing.

Erased by Kei Sanbe, translated by English by Sheldon Drzka (volumes 2-5 of the collected edition). See my notes for Volume 1 in my 2018 read log.

The Odyssey by Homer, translated to Hebrew prose by Avraham Arouetty (Magnes Press/Hebrew University, 2012). Arouetty’s translation is very good and flowing, and his commentary is enriching.
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