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Effective C++
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by Scott Meyers
(3rd edition, Addison Wesley, 2005)

The index of this book contains several “allusion to...” entries. These include:
Barry, Dave, allusion to     229
On page 229: ג€œ... I am not making this up ...”.
Monty Python, allusion to     91
On page 91: “This version of operator*, then, doesn't return a reference to a Rational - it returns a reference to an ex-Rational; a former Rational; the empty, stinking, rotting carcass of what used to be a Rational but is no longer, because it has been destroyed.”

Also in the index:
pun, really bad     152
On page 152, while discussing the Bird and Penguin classes: “Yet we're not finished with these fowl matters.”

goddess     see Urbano, Nancy L.
Urbano, Nancy L.     vii, xviii, xx
        see also goddess
Nancy L. Urbano is Meyers' wife.

Special thanks to Ian West for contributing these items.
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